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We're a union that works to keep Canadians safe.



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We’re a union that works to keep Canadians safe every day.


We are parole and program officers, tradespeople, frontline staff and teachers, who work inside and outside the federal prison system.

We also support the day-to-day operations of hundreds of RCMP detachments.

Across 18 federal departments nationwide, we protect the privacy and security of Canadians as well as help provide access to information, justice and human rights.



The ways we keep Canadians safe aren’t always obvious, but they are important. Here are a few examples of our impact:

  • We dispatch Mounties when there’s an emergency.

  • We help inmates upgrade their education and teach them useful trades and life skills.

  • We handle evidence for the RCMP.

  • We help Canadians register their firearms.

  • We monitor and report on natural disasters across the country.

  • We monitor and supervise offenders in the community.



Protecting the public safety of 38 million Canadians is USJE’s number one priority. USJE represents nearly 18,000 federal Public Safety and Justice employees who work day and night, 365 days a year, to keep Canadians safe in every province
and territory. We work in the following departments and agencies:


  • Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada

  • Canadian Human Rights Commission

  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service

  • Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP

  • Commissioner of Canada Elections

  • Correctional Service of Canada

  • Courts Administration Service

  • Department of Justice Canada

  • Law Commission of Canada

  • Parole Board of Canada

  • Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada

  • Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada

  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

  • Public Prosecution Service of Canada

  • Public Safety Canada

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police External Review Committee

  • Supreme Court of Canada

Listen to USJE members talk about how their work helps keep Canadians safe.
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Union of Safety and Justice Employees

Suite 1004, 233 Gilmour Street

Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0P2

Telephone: (877) 595-2373

Fax: (613) 232-3311

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